Energy efficiency is increasingly important to companies.

EEF says that 83% of manufacturers are concerned about the affordability of energy.

Little surprise when the use of energy is 6% or more of the turnover of around 25% of UK manufacturers.

High energy prices, taxes on energy use, the need to comply with legislation, and maintaining a good brand image all mean that saving energy is at the top of many business agendas.

There are excellent benefits to be had when it comes to a business’ bottom line.

Energy use audits are also becoming commonplace thanks to the Energy Use Opportunity Scheme from the Environment Agency.

Hiring a process engineering consultant can be key for energy cost control.

They will look at how a company’s processes perform, and suggest a number of ways of reducing energy spending by promoting efficiency, including:

Smart meters

Metering can be a neglected area for many companies.

Some firms have 30-minute electricity meters, but will have estimates for natural gas usage. Other companies are charged for electrical meters they are not using.

Once meters are used well, they can show where energy is leaking because of compressor problems, for example, or where an investment on machinery controls could slash costs.

Production lines can also have their own sub-meters installed.

Without understanding the numbers, companies cannot look at where to make savings.

 Variable speed drives

This option is excellent for older machinery.

Drives can be adjusted to allow machines to run at their optimum efficiency for each function, rather than wasting energy maintaining a constant speed.

They also help maintain machinery by building up voltage on start-up, rather than starting ‘across the line’.

 Data collection and interpretation

Process engineers help companies collect data and interpret it – allowing managers and owners to make informed decisions about the areas in which cost savings should be made.

Energy use needs to be monitored and benchmarked against industry standards or other manufacturers.

Saving money isn’t just about turning off heating and lighting when processes which are unmanned are taking place, for example.

Network technologies based on Ethernet can help transfer data to a company’s business systems, but expert interpretation is the key to maximising savings.

We are currently helping Principality Building Society – the UK’s 6th largest , achieve all their ESOS ambitions with various building upgrades , metering strategies etc .

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